In the near future there are several ministry gifts coming to WOC. On Sunday pm September 13th Pastor Mark taught on “Draw on the Gift inside the Person Ministering”. Toward the end the service Pastor prophesied about God’s plan for Tulsa and WOC.  You can hear it on the church’s website Click on media, archives and then the sermon title. The prophecy is at the 92 minute mark until the 100 minute mark. The whole service revolved around direction for the immediate future for our church and that we need the gifts of the ministers that will be coming to be able to do what God wants done. The children need those same gifts. The children have a responsibility to fulfill too.

For the children to receive from the gifts that are coming, all the teachers will need to be activating their faith in that the gift will flow through them. Every teacher is apart of the ministry of helps for Pastor Mark. The anointing that flows from his pulpit is available to the children through their teachers. I put this to practice this last Sunday night when Bro Richard Roberts ministered. I listened to the CD of the adult service and I had taught the same thing, different methods of healing, in Wonder Kids!  I didn’t do it the same way but it was the same message, and Brother Robert’s didn’t play the Double Dare game like we did.

Our children are as much a part of the church as the adults. I recall my own 4 year old daughter talking to me as we stood under the tree in our front yard. She was telling me all about herself but at the same time God was speaking through her to me.  How did that happen? She had been exposed to the ministry gifts and Gifts of the Spirit. It wouldn’t be surprising if one of her teachers had taught, prayed, or laid hands on her to walk and talk in the supernatural power of God. I hadn’t put any effort toward her ministering in the Gifts of the Spirit, someone must have.  Praise God for teachers that dare to believe God for the supernatural. The church needs children to participate in the supernatural. Use your faith and allow these up coming gifts to flow through you to the children.