Tired of having to come up with extra activities for your class because your curriculum doesn’t last as long as your church services?

Kids’ Meals Has over 5 hours of activities per lesson.  Kids’ Meals Has both skits and craft allowing you to choose.  

Have you ever taught a lesson and thought the kids just didn’t get it and you wished you had some way of teaching it again? Kids’ Meals Has enough activities to teach the same lesson 3 times (90-minute services). 


You’ll meet Goslow is a simple-minded character who has a very literal interpretation of the Bible. He is good-natured, helpful, and always tries to do right and be a good Christian. He always confuses spiritual truth with natural implication. Younger elementary children relate with him because they have this same mindset. Through Goslow’s hilarious adventures children are taught abstract spiritual principles.

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Dr. Professor Nut-in-Head has a heavy German accent and an unorthodox way of pronouncing key words in his teaching. A mist often accompanies his emphatic dialect as he deliberately pronounces his words. 

He is the epitome of the nutty professor. His teachings are always biblically correct although he uses some unusual ways to get his teaching across. He is a high energy individual. He is likely to go off on a tangent during his teaching, but always comes back to make a valid point.



Volume 1 “The Bible” teaches children 4 main truths:

  • What Is The Bible, Spiritually And Naturally?
  • The Bible Is Truth 
  • Why Read The Bible 
  • Doing What The Bible Says Is Important