Having fun depends largely on our outlook. There is an old story about 2 children shoveling manure. The first complained, did little work, and had a terrible time and the second was excited, worked hard, and thought it was a great time.   The manure was the only thing the first child saw. The second child was asked why they were so excited, the child replied “I knew there had to be horse around there somewhere and maybe I would get to ride him.” Both children had the same task, only the second child was having fun.

You are the leader. Your attitude toward the service is the direction the class will follow. If you are stressed, nervous, up set, or bored with what you are doing your class will follow in those same foot steps. Do whatever it takes to have a good disposition when you enter the classroom. A good service is when the children leave having a good attitude about God, a good attitude about church and a good attitude about themselves. I would venture to say it is next to impossible to accomplish this without having fun and enjoying want you’re doing.

Having fun has another advantage. Others will want to join in. Who doesn’t enjoy a good time? The addition benefit is more help in the class room.  You don’t have to beg or recruit people to have fun.

Optional ending:

So the question you have to answer is, “Are you just shoveling manure or are you looking to ride a horse?”