We have to have help. Jesus is the Son of God, and He needed help from the disciples during His earthly ministry.   Now if I announced I need volunteers for General George Custer’s army to go fight the Battle of the Little Big Horn, I doubt if I would get anyone to apply. Does anyone want to raise their hand and volunteer for his army?  Oh, come on it's going to be real exciting.  You don't want to join his army?  No one wants to fight a losing battle and nobody wants to join a failure.  A long time ago, there was a ship called "The Titanic."  On its very first cruise, it sank.  Would you like to buy a ticket to go on the Titanic?  A ship that you know is going to sink.  Come on, I'll sell you a ticket.  Who wants to buy one?  No, you're not that foolish.  People are not dumb.  If you want people to help in children's ministry, then children's ministry has to work. So if you have a mind set, this isn’t going to work if we don’t get some help, you will not get help. People will join in if they see a benefit. 


We need to tell people what the Lord is doing in children's ministry. This telling is so important. I was in a service where a missionary was telling of the exciting victories he was seeing and you could tell the people listening wanted to be with him in that part of the world and participate in the victories. Even though this missionary had endured great hardship, this didn’t diminish the desire to take part. His goal was to tell the faithfulness and goodness of God not to recruit help. As teachers and helpers we need to tell what good things God is doing in our children, but not for the purpose of recruiting but to increase people’s faith in God.


So make it a point to tell what is happening in your classes, share about the goodness and faithful of God to others. This telling will create a desire to fulfill their calling and ministry. It will cause people to want to be apart.