It is Godly to give rewards for doing the right thing. Rewarding your class for doing what is right during class will cause them to do what is right outside of class. Candy maybe the most common reward. Don’t let it be the only reward. Below are some rewards ideas you can use.


  • Being first to do the next activity
  • Seating in a place of honor, like next to the teacher
  • Getting to choose what to do next out of 2-3 options
  • Play a favorite game at the end of class.
  • Get all the helpers to make a special effort to give compliments to individuals in the class.
  • Do an outrageous act, like pour a gallon of water over a teacher.
  • Have the class clap and cheer the child for an outstand act.
  • Have one trophy that goes to the boys side or girls side and see who can win it most times in a month.
  • In front of peers tell the child’s parents how great they have been.
  • Have a leader or pastor come to the class and praise their efforts.


A heart felt appreciation is the key of an effective reward. Godly rewards are not monetary payoffs. Rewards done correctly build relationship, they help us to get connected and feel apart. Take the time and plan rewards for your class. Giving Godly rewards will help generate an excitement to be in class and an environment of loving to learn.