The Christmas season is here. It shouldn’t be the only time of year we give. What if every class was like Christmas morning for the children? Jesus told his disciples to feed the 5000. He said “you give” (Matt. 14:16). That kind of giving was past their level of comprehension. Lets be willing to give pass our current level of ability. We don’t need to give natural gifts every class but we can give love, words of encouragement, healing, salvation, infilling of the Holy Ghost, the Word, and many other super natural gifts. Like natural gifts it takes effort to prepare them. What is the need or the desire? I have gotten natural gifts that caused me to wonder why the giver ever thought I would need or want the gift they gave. Let’s give gifts to the children that “fit” like apples of gold in pitchers of silver.

The lesson is not the gift. If it were we could make copies and hand them out to the class and be done with it. The lesson is simply a direction of where the class is going. Every teacher in the class has the opportunity to take the lesson as a starting point to seek the Father as to what He desires to give the children. Prepare His gifts and give them during the class.  It is easy to believe God wants to bless the children. The challenge is, can He use you to do it?   Don’t give the lesson as a school teacher would give science facts. Don’t be satisfied with giving the facts of a lesson, give the Living Word. Come into the class room with fresh manna from heaven. Come with gifts from Heaven and be a giver of life.