1. Reason
  2. Intuition (spirit)
  3. Perception
  4. Will
  5. Memory
  6. Imagination

Last week’s teaching tip was about reason. This week we will cover our intuition, or more correctly, our born-again spirit. I used my spirit just this week to fix a tractor. It was working fine; but after turning it off, it just wouldn’t start. Reason said that the battery went bad in the heat. Memory said that it was the starter last time. Both were wrong. Then, I just had a knowing that the tree branches that had been in my path had knocked a wire loose. Sure enough, that was it! My spirit led me to solve the problem.

We instinctively activate our spirit every day, but do we teach and encourage the children in our classes to do so? In our class during worship, we encourage each student to use and to pay attention to his spirit . It should not be the only time when we place the emphasis on this.. The children need to be exposed to the same type of service in their classes that the adults witness in the Healing and Miracle Rallies. Spiritual activity will allow the Holy Ghost, the Great Teacher, the Spirit of truth, to impart things into our children that no man could. To pave the way for spiritual activity, we, as teachers, should adopt the mindset that we have a John the Baptist type ministry. In John 3:30, John said, “He (Jesus) must increase, but I must decrease.”  For us, we teachers get the class planned, structured, and behaved (after all, John’s main message was to repent); then we decrease by turning the service over to the Holy Ghost.  There isn’t a formula to follow to get a move of the Holy Ghost. I would strongly recommend duplicating what Pastor does in the adult service on a child’s level. Use simple vocabulary and refer to the gifts of the spirit which are in operation, and explain what is happening in the spirit realm. Our children need spiritual practice time in class so when they go into the game called life, they can use their spirits and be successful.  Let’s get our students spiritually active in class, not just mentally or physically.