On Wednesday night the 11th of Feb. Rev Greg Fritz ministered on Feeding on the Word. Church is a place to get a spiritual meal. We are serving kids meals while Pastors Mark and Janet are serving regular meals. A kids meal is the same food as adult’s just a smaller portion that is packaged to appeal to a child, but it is the same food. The meat in a happy meal is the same meat in a big Mac. We don’t need to “water down” the Gospel. It is the same Gospel just prepared in a way that children can receive it. The key word is prepared. You can produce a thanksgiving meal, a bag lunch, a sit down dinner, cold cereal, or order out pizza. All of these meals have there proper use and time.  These all require some type of planning and preparation. Granted pizza has very little planning and preparation. If you’re not planning and preparing then you’re serving fast food. I would rather service pizza than to have no food for my children to eat. No matter know how much kids like pizza, could they stand it 3 times a day 7days a week? Pizza has little nutritional value. A child’s nutritional needs are high than that of an adults. They have maintenance needs as well as growth needs. A baby needs very little variety and could choke or be up set by the wrong food. By the age 4 or 5 you better have a selection of different foods. A good meal takes time to prepare and is worth the effort. Remember, if the teacher is bored teaching the material then the students will be bored too. Try serving different kinds of meals. Ask yourself, do I cook the same meal over and over? Do I serve nutritional meals? Do I serve adult food to my children?  Now, here is a deeper thought, am I teaching the children to feed themselves.  Get the children to be able to feed themselves and you’re really cookin! Please get Rev. Fritz’s message and think about your class as you listen to it.