Why are children uncontrollable? Here are the basic seasons:

1.     They don’t know or remember the rules or they are confused as to what is the correct behavior.

2.     They have not been train to obey.

3.     We have place demands on them that they are unable to fulfill.

4.     They are in rebellion.

5.     They may have mental or emotional challenges.

Last week’s teachers tips covered 1, 2, and we started learning about number3. The Word says God will not test a person past the point they are able to stand. “God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able”1 Cor 10:13. In other words know the children’s limits and stay within those limits. This is one of the great challenges in teach. If 75% of the class doesn’t have their attention focused on your teaching, you are obviously out side their limits and you should redirect your approach. Kind of like the fighter jet coming in to low as it attempts to land on an aircraft carried. The control tower is yelling, pull up, pull up!!  That would be your class squirming in their chairs or 3 pairs of children play between themselves or have a dozen “entertaining themselves”. If you don’t “pull up” and change your coarse it will be disastrous. You’re the pilot; you are the one who is responsible to keep command of the class. A pilot must beware of the limitations of his aircraft. Here are some points you can begin with. Do change the activity levels in the class. Do involve more than one of the 5 senses. Do demand their attention. Do give them your attention. Do build relationships with them.

Very few children set out to be rebellious. They don’t have that on their “To Do” list. It is not where they want to go. So if they end up there they usually are willing to get out of rebellion. Don’t embarrass them by addressing it front of the class. Don’t ask “why did you do that?”  The Lord asked Cain “what did you do?” that is the right question to ask. Get them to identify the action that they are displaying that is wrong. When ask if that action is acceptable. Ask them to apologize. Forgive them. PRAY with them, and allow them to continue with the class. In the pass I would give a hug to the child but today that may not be appropriate. Some kind of physical contact does help bring closure to the issue; at least does a fist bump.  Ifthey refuse to cooperate though this process have them sit apart form the class and have them thinks about it and after a couple of minutes return to where you left off in the process. Sometimes this can take several minutes to complete don’t give in. it will work.

If you sense a child has mental or emotional challenges most of what we have mentioned will not over come the issue.  This situation needs to be communicated to your leadership.  Don’t just ignore it or just tolerate it. This course may deny the child getting the help they need.Most importantly pray and ask God want to do. I was doing street witnessing as a clown at the Indianapolis 500 when I became surrounded by uncontrollable children. I ask the Lord what to do. He said, pray. My first thought was to pray they all would just leave. I yelled out who wants to pray. To my surprise they all responded positively, we got down on our knees, and prayed the salvation pray. The chaos was gone and peace had come to the group of 20+ children around me. They got what they needed, praise God! He knows what they need so ask Him.